The Staycation Effect

Kennel & Cattery Management

Extracted from our Cat Corner column – July/August 2021 issue

I always ask my customers where they are heading off to and the majority said they were “just popping down to Cornwall”. Popping, popping? I don’t think so!

Nearly 30 years ago, I lived in the small, fishing village of Looe. During the winter months the population was around 5,000: from Easter to the October half-term week that figure increased to around 30,000, so goodness knows what it is these days!

The locals, whilst obviously appreciating the time to earn some money, also dreaded the thought of the usually quiet streets becoming unnavigable and the harbour and seafront being littered with smushed up chips, ice cream wrappers and bits of pasty thrown around for the seagulls, possibly the only ‘locals’ who DID enjoy those busy weeks!

But hey, that’s the nature of living in a beautiful place and, hopefully, we are all becoming more aware of what we do or don’t leave behind us. I’ve had lots of ‘first-timers‘ here recently and, if things continue to improve, many of the new customers have said that they will come back which is good news. I saw a few regulars, but I think many opted to stay home and let others find an inch or two on the beach.

I suspect there may have been a few red bodies returning home this summer!

Cornwall - Harbour view