Repairs and Maintenance:
The Importance of Planning

Kennel & Cattery Management

Extracted from David Cavill’s article published in the January/February 2020 edition

I believe the first and most important thing that we must do is recognise the difference between ongoing maintenance which is required throughout the year and those that are ‘one-offs’.  For instance, it is extraordinarily important to clients (and to those carrying out inspections, of course) that their immediate impression of the premises is excellent as they arrive.  Clean, weed-free drives, neatly-trimmed hedges, well-mown grass and general tidiness about plants, hedges, pots, hanging baskets and beds are all essential and, unless you are a dedicated gardener, is probably best left to a specialist individual or company to come in regularly to do what is needed so you do not have to worry about it. 

On the other hand, cleaning out gutters and drains, mending damaged fences, replacing broken paving stones or tiles, keeping storage areas tidy, weed-ripping along overgrown paths, ensuring door hinges, locks and padlocks are oiled and internal painting are all equally important but are ‘one- off’ jobs best done at those times when it is relatively quiet.  It is also sensible to schedule major work such as the replacement of a kitchen, refurbishment of a toilet or the repair of a roof to quiet times too.  Some owners will have the skills to do some of this work themselves and it will save a great deal of money but it is vital that major repairs and refurbishments are to a high standard so nothing gives inspectors any cause for concern.

For this reason it is worth getting to know a local small building contractor who specialises in this sort of work so that you have someone you know and can rely upon for the many odd jobs that are constantly required for the more you can do for yourself the better.

Man carrying out kennel maintenance