Caring for Stray Dogs

Kennel & Cattery Management

Extracted from our Dog Days column – March/April 2021 issue

I have received an invitation to tender for the provision of stray/lost/abandoned dog accommodation for the local authority. This is something I have considered in the past and upon reading the list of requirements, it confirms to me why it has never passed the ‘consideration’ stage.

Applicants must be able to operate the service every day between 08:00 and 22:00, collect stray dogs and assist the local authority when required, carry out all admin and payment processing as well as keeping a register and prioritising re-uniting dogs with their owners.

There are also many council policies and GDPR regulations to adhere to. Dogs must be kept for a minimum of seven days after which the operator will be responsible for re-homing, selling or putting the dogs to sleep. I have no doubt that is a potentially lucrative opportunity for the right person with the right facilities.

However I am at the age where I want to work less, not more. I have no wish to deal with some of the less desirable characters that will undoubtably be encountered when dealing with stray dogs. It is impossible to control health issues that may be introduced to the premises and I have absolutely no desire to carry the responsibility of putting healthy animals to sleep. I acknowledge it is sad reflection of our society and unfortunately someone has to do it. 

After the huge uplift in dog ownership due to Covid 19, there may well follow a surge in demand for such services as people return to having less free time to devote to their pets.