How to market your Kennels and Cattery

Melanie Mines

First published in March/April 2006 Edition


If advertising is focussed and consistent, people’s subconscious mind automatically takes the message on board. Some brands we recognise simply though association. A colour, word, phrase, tune, even an object or image, can make us automatically think of a company or its products.

It’s the power of marketing we cannot escape from.

Even if your marketing spend is not as vast as Cadburys, Andrex or Virgin, the principles remain the same. On a smaller scale, you too can put your business in the mind of potential customers, making them choose you above your competitors.

A kennels or cattery has the ability to programme peoples’ minds into believing they are the only business worth considering. With this in mind, we are discussing ‘corporate image, advertising and public relations’. Helping you to market your company successfully.

Sell your Kennel or Cattery


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