The Difficult Owner

Trevor Turner, B. Vet. Med., MRCVS

First published in November/December 2005 Edition

 After writing the last piece about boarders and their owners (September/October issue), my investigations make me think that perhaps some kennels do experience more than their fair share of owner-related problems.

In this column, in the past, we have, on more than one occasion, discussed problems such as those associated with owners viewing the kennels and with delayed flights and non-arrival of owners, especially during peak boarding times. These are all factors with which any experienced kennel manager/owner is only too well aware. With the increase in, dare I term it, `five-star' kennel accommodation and concomitant increase in prices, perhaps it is not surprising that there has been an increase in the number of fastidious, particular or perhaps pernickety owners with whom we have to deal. Are these people indeed difficult? My yardstick in such cases is always that of reasonableness. Is it reasonable for someone who is prepared to pay a daily rate more than double that of the established kennels down the road for `five star' accommodation, to be extremely particular to make sure that it is value for money? Equally such an owner must also be reasonable in his demands.

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